Cost and budget reporting

Stijn February 23, 2016

It's been a while since you last heard from us but no need to worry, we've been working harder than ever on improving Temponia.

Our latest addition to Temponia is the ability to track costs.  Administrators are now able to set a cost / hour per employee and get detailed reports on this.

To do so you can go to the profile of the user (Manage => Users => Edit) and set the cost rate / hour. This is the internal cost the user incurs on your business.  This cost rate can be set historically because of course over time, the cost can change.

Once the cost has been set, you will be able to view total cost, revenue, profit and profit margin on the project dashboard pages.  Only administrators are able to set and see costs!

announcement dashboard

Death and taxes

Stijn October 25, 2015

According to Benjamin Franklin only two things are certain in life: death and taxes.  Even though nobody likes to pay them, the addition of a tax component to our invoicing module has been a much requested feature.  With our latest release you can now configure taxes to be charged on your invoices.  

To do so you can go to the company settings page and click on Invoicing.  In case you don't see this tabsheet, you'll need to enable  the invoicing module first under "Enabled modules".

By default no taxes are being charged.  You can enable a tax component by setting the percentage and a description.  It's possible to configure up to two taxes which can be compounded.  Taxes aren't being added to expenses but if you wish to do so, you can enable this as well.


The more, the merrier: introducing multi-view timesheets

Stijn October 18, 2015

To facilitate managers and administrators we introduced a new view that allows visualizing the graphical timesheets of multiple users at once.

In order to use this view you need to click on the multi button on the left top side of the timesheets.

Multi view timesheet

Next you will be able to select the users you want to see.

Select users

After this you see the timesheets per day of all the users you selected next to each other.  In this view it is also possible to move items from one user to another, as long as both users are assigned to the project.

multi announcement

Because everyone needs a little reminder

Stijn October 03, 2015

Aren't we all forgetful from time to time.  I know I am.  

The problem with forgetting to fill in timesheets is that if you need to do it afterwards, it will take you much, much more time to do so.  You'll need to backtrace your whole month (or even worse).  I used to go through my calendar, installed latitude to keep track of where I was, at what time, I even had an app installed on my phone which filled a separate calendar with the phone calls I made so I could puzzle back together my timesheets.

Luckily that's a thing of the past.  Now I track on the road thanks to our mobile app.  If you (or your employees) are a bit like me you'll be glad to know that we introduced a new feature called 'Reminders'

Reminders let you specify your company holidays as well as days when you or your employees aren't working.  Every user has a calendar which can be filled in with periods and type of absence (holiday, sick leave, etc...).


reminders announcement

Statistics are no substitute for judgment

Stijn September 02, 2014

To be able to properly judge and track projects you need clear and useful dashboards.  We already have the main dashboard but now we're taking this one step further.  All the projects on the main dashboard are now clickable so you can drill down to project level to see the number.

Project dashboards give you an overview of hours worked during the last weeks, months, ... but also which tasks or users have been logged for that particular project.

announcement dashboard

Ants are good citizens, they place group interests first

Stijn August 27, 2014

And so did we at Temponia :-)  We just improved the grouping capabilities in our timesheet reports.  While users could previously only group by one item at a time, it is now possible to select multiple and users can even choose the order of grouping themselves.  We also added several date/time related groups.

In the resulting time report all the selected groups will be visible, and per group and subgroup we visualise totals for both hours and amounts.  Check it out yourself at


We hope you enjoy this new feature.  


announcement reporting

Budget follow-up added

Stijn August 25, 2014

We know it's been a while since you heard from us, but rest assured, we haven't been sitting still.  The small update in our timesheet interface (scheduler) of last week was only the beginning.  We realise that for our customers, the unique calendar interface we use is very important.  That's why we'll continuously try to improve in that area so we are able to offer you the fastest way of entering your timesheets.  In the next weeks we'll introduce history shortcuts, which will let you one-click your recently most used entries to reuse them.  More about that in the coming days.

Right now we've added a complete new major feature: budget!  Many of the managers indicated they wanted to do budget follow-up in Temponia.  From now on this is possible.

In the project screen we've added an option to let you specify how you want to specify a budget.  

The following options are available:

  • Total project hours: this lets you specify a global amount of hours for a project. Every timesheet entry made on that project will count towards the budget.
announcement budget

Introducing our new dashboard

Stijn March 31, 2014

You probably already noticed the welcome page was pretty empty.  Main reason for this is we wanted to introduce a dashboard that would allow users to have an overview of their important data.

Today I'm happy to announce the dashboard is being rolled out.  We created the dashboard consisting out of 4 different panels.  Week view of all logged timesheet hours (both billable and non-billable).  The top projects during the current month, together with the hours logged.  Hours logged per month and finally the uninvoiced hours and earnings.

This dashboard will go live over the next couple of days.

We sure hope you like this new dashboard, and if you have any suggestions, make sure to let us know through uservoice:

Preview of the dashboard

dashboard announcement

A little history

Stijn March 14, 2014

In 1999 Entrysoft launched Timesheet Constructor.  Best products start when you 'scratch your own itch'.  Having no decent timesheet solution that allowed calendar input and visualization I created my own.  Existing programs worked with a timer or direct input of hours.  These can be perfect for your needs but when an employer of client demands detailed sheets containing begin- and end times then you're out of luck.   Apparently I wasn't the only one needing a calendar based timesheet solution and over the year the user base grew.  In 2003 the client/server version of Timesheet Constructor was launched.  This version allowed multiple concurrent users to track time and have global reports.  However it required a fairly complicated installation of SQL server.

announcement timesheet roadmap