Ready set, GO!

Stijn December 24, 2016

It has taken us some time but we're happy to announce that timers have been rolled out.  When you start working on something, you can now search the task/project and a timer will start automatically.  This timer is kept throughout all your sessions and is always visible in the navigation bar on top of each page.  Even if you open Temponia on another computer you'll see the same timer running.

As soon as you're finished with your task, you simply press the stop button and a corresponding timesheet entry will be created.  If you want you can add an additional description of what exactly you did.

When is this available?

Right now!  This feature is enabled by default for all our users.  In case you rather not use timers you can just head over to Modules and disable them organisation wide.

Ok let me try this out!

Great!  Two important things to note before you start:

You can only start a timer during allowed hours.  Every company can configure this as they please.  Suppose your settings are set to 8AM till 7PM then it's not possible to create a timer at 7AM nor after 7PM.  When you try to do this, Temponia will display an error message.  Company administrators can of course increase this allowed period.

Only timers that have run for at least half of the minimum time to log will generate a corresponding timesheet entry.  By default this is 15 minutes (so timers need to run for as least 8 minutes).  However it's possible your company administrator has decreased or increased this time.  This can be set as low as 5 minutes or as high as 1 hour.  If you notice a lot of timers don't generate an entry, it's best to lower this threshold.  Temponia will always display a warning when a timesheet entry isn't created.

What's next?

X-mas & New Year of course!   And as for Temponia: we're finishing off our new mobile application.  This was build from the ground up and we're planning to integrate timers in there as well as an offline mode.

Only thing left for us to say is:

Happy holidays!