Death and taxes

Stijn October 25, 2015

According to Benjamin Franklin only two things are certain in life: death and taxes.  Even though nobody likes to pay them, the addition of a tax component to our invoicing module has been a much requested feature.  With our latest release you can now configure taxes to be charged on your invoices.  

To do so you can go to the company settings page and click on Invoicing.  In case you don't see this tabsheet, you'll need to enable  the invoicing module first under "Enabled modules".

By default no taxes are being charged.  You can enable a tax component by setting the percentage and a description.  It's possible to configure up to two taxes which can be compounded.  Taxes aren't being added to expenses but if you wish to do so, you can enable this as well.

After configuring a tax component the tax is being added on the invoice.  Important to know is your existing invoices aren't affected when you configure a tax component.  In case you wish to add taxes to them you'll need configure the tax rate and then recreate the invoices.