What is 15 minutes on a timesheet

Stijn April 11, 2018

Sometimes it gets pretty confusing to do the conversion of minutes (of which an hour has 60) into decimal numbers (of hours) when filling in your timesheets.

You can use this little guideline to convert:

15 minutes 0.25 hours
30 minutes 0.50 hours
45 minutes 0.75 hours

Errors to this mostly happen when people try to do timesheet in Excel and they made a column to enter hours.  It's pretty easy to enter 0.15 into a column thinking you entered 15 minutes but actually you only entered 9 minutes (0,15 x 60).

When using Temponia entries are made with our graphical interface (see here) and all reporting is done in hours.  This ensures no errors can be made.  You just drag the timeslot you worked on something in the calendar and that's it.  Reports and invoices all come out correctly.