Cost and budget reporting

Stijn February 23, 2016

It's been a while since you last heard from us but no need to worry, we've been working harder than ever on improving Temponia.

Our latest addition to Temponia is the ability to track costs.  Administrators are now able to set a cost / hour per employee and get detailed reports on this.

To do so you can go to the profile of the user (Manage => Users => Edit) and set the cost rate / hour. This is the internal cost the user incurs on your business.  This cost rate can be set historically because of course over time, the cost can change.

Once the cost has been set, you will be able to view total cost, revenue, profit and profit margin on the project dashboard pages.  Only administrators are able to set and see costs!

We have also completely renewed our budget report.  This report is now called Project report and gives you a nice overview of all your project, their current budget status and (if configured) costs.

We hope you like these new improvements, and as always: we're more than happy to hear your feedback!