Hofstadter's law violated

Stijn November 01, 2014

“Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law” 

At Temponia we try to attain the opposite.  By introducing features that serve a sole purpose: letting you gain time.  We learned that It's often small improvements that can lead to a boost in productivity.  Last week we introduced quick selection.  Whenever you are entering a new entry, Temponia will now display a list containing your last used most popular project-task combinations.  If you want to reuse one, you can just click it, and both project and task will be selected allowing you to just enter optional notes and save the item.  It is of course still possible to choose another project/task.

Quick selection for timesheet entry

Another feature that was added are project counters.  The hours of every project of the week will now be summarized and displayed on the top of the page.  This allows you to quickly visualize how many hours you have already spent on which project, without having to dive into dashboards or reporting.

Counter on week view

At the moment we are working hard on integrating with partners to let you generate invoices from within Temponia.  The first two integrations will be with Xero accounting and Zoho invoicing.  More about that soon!